CPR Tale is specialized in providing accounting and ordinary and extraordinary administrative services.

The accounting assistance and consultancy services offered by CPR Tale include:

  • Assistance and consultancy in preparing standalone and consolidated financial statements and income statements and balance sheets in extraordinary transactions
  • Accounting and administrative management
  • Organization and implementation of administrative accounting systems
  • Book-keeping and related fulfillments
  • Preparation of monthly and/or quarterly reports
  • General and/or analytical accounting
  • Service acceptance on behalf of companies
  • Analysis of company administrative organization
  • Accounting and administrative assistance in extraordinary transactions (mergers, demergers, contributions and business transfers)
  • Accounting and administrative assistance in company liquidations
  • Assistance in e-invoicing
  • Assistance in the proper implementation of e-invoicing processes with tailor-made applications and programs

We make client-accessible online accounting systems available and co-manage the accounting-administrative process (even partially).

We also offer temporary and/or long-term on-site accounting and administrative assistance. We provide clients with a professional team to guarantee specialized support during emergency or extraordinary situations.

For non-resident entities without a permanent establishment in Italy, CPR Tale also offers the following services:

  • Tax representation for VAT purposes on behalf of EU and non-EU companies
  • Tax representation
  • Management of VAT positions in Italy for foreign entities
  • Administrative management of rep offices

CPR Tale is on hand to provide highly-qualified ordinary and extraordinary tax assistance. We pride ourselves on our top-quality, punctual and professional services.

CPR Tale assists domestic and international clients in their dealings with tax authorities, specifically during checks, inspections and assessments, and/or in the preparation of applications and rulings, and during the course of mutual agreement and arbitration procedures.

CPR Tale has consolidated and appreciated experience in assisting and representing clients in all legal proceedings regarding tax matters, including before the Tax Court and Court of Cassation.

CPR Tale’s tax advisory services and assistance include:

  • Ongoing tax advice and assistance on income tax, VAT and other indirect taxation matters
  • Fulfillment of tax requirements and calculation of tax charges
  • Assistance with preparing and filing tax returns
  • International tax consultancy and assistance
  • Tax opinions
  • Domestic and international tax planning
  • Individual tax planning and asset management
  • Advice on extraordinary corporate transactions and acquisitions, evaluating the tax aspects and analyzing and identifying the most efficient and functional financial and corporate structures
  • Assistance and advice to expatriates of multi-national foreign companies
  • Analysis of transfer pricing in intra-group relations and transfer pricing studies
  • Assistance in dealings with the tax authorities, filing petitions, requests and applications
  • Personalized, day-by-day assistance during tax audits
  • Tax litigation, tax settlements and other alternatives to tax litigation

CPR Tale is a modern and well-structured firm able to provide top-quality, professional legal assistance in all areas.

Our legal advice and assistance, provided out-of-court and during court and arbitration proceedings, include:

  • M&A and extraordinary corporate transactions
  • Establishment of companies, branches and rep offices
  • Management of corporate reporting, preparation of minutes, articles of association and company documents
  • Commercial and company law
  • Bankruptcy law and insolvency procedures
  • Debt recovery and enforcements
  • Contract management
  • Real estate and condominium law
  • Personal data protection and privacy (EU Regulation 2016/679 – GDPR)
  • Assistance and advice on labor law, workplace safety and stock option matters
  • Civil liability
  • Investment immigration law (permits of stay for directors and shareholders, intra-company transfers and secondments, elective residences)
  • Family and inheritance law

CPR Tale offers on-time and on-going services to clients for all matters concerning HR management, providing full support within the context of extraordinary transactions, mobility schemes, voluntary incentives and trade union consultation procedures.

CPR Tale’s employment consultancy and employee and non-employee administration services include full-range employee administration services (hiring, dismissal, secondments, etc.), as well as payroll processing and tax fulfillments.

Our outsourced employee administration services include:

  • Employee and non-employee management and administrative organization
  • Employee administration
  • Administration of consultants and trainees
  • Administration of freelancers
  • Fees and social security payments to sales agents and reps
  • Social security representation in Italy of foreign entities
  • Management of hiring and secondment procedures in Italy for foreign citizens
  • Assistance to non-resident directors and employees in the fulfillment of formal procedures in Italy

CPR Tale professionals boast extensive experience also as directors and liquidators of commercial companies and in litigation that requires the appointment of court-appointed and/or party-appointed Technical Experts.

Our professionals have held decades-long posts as auditors of listed and unlisted companies in important national and international groups.

CPR Tale partners and professionals have been appointed as:

  • Directors in commercial companies acting as experts and legal advisors
  • Liquidators in voluntary liquidation operations of commercial companies
  • Auditors and/or sole auditors in commercial companies
  • Members of supervisory bodies as per Legislative Decree no. 231/2001
  • Court-appointed and/or party-appointed Technical Experts
  • Appraisers pursuant to law in extraordinary corporate transactions and/or acquisitions (mergers, including LBOs, demergers, transfers and divestitures)
  • Statutory auditors in commercial companies

CPR Tale professionals have long-standing experience and expert knowledge in valuations and drafting appraisals and economic, financial, and business plans.

CPR Tale partners and professionals are available in the following areas:

  • Legal and/or voluntary expert appraisals
  • Legal expert appraisals for the revaluation of quotas and/or shares held by individuals
  • Preparation of valuations, valuation reports, fairness opinions on shareholdings, shares, companies, businesses, tangible and intangible assets
  • Fairness opinions on related-party transactions
  • Reviews of economic and financial plans
  • Assistance in the preparation of business plans
  • Expert reports during LBOs pursuant to Article 2501-bis of the Italian Civil Code

Assistance in valuations and impairment tests on goodwill and/or other intangibles

CPR Tale is specialized in providing advice and assistance within the context of alternative and/or preventive bankruptcy procedures and/or companies in crisis, including:

  • Arrangements with creditors
  • Restructuring arrangements as per Article 182-bis of the Italian Bankruptcy Law
  • Renovation plans as per Article 67 of the Italian Bankruptcy Law
  • Tax settlements as per Article 182-ter of the Italian Bankruptcy Law
  • Settlement proceedings for over-indebted companies pursuant to Law no. 3 of 27 January 2012

CPR Tale professionals have wide experience gained over the course of more than 25 years, including in the Big Four firms, and outstanding knowledge in M&A and transaction services.

CPR Tale CPR Tale partners and professionals are available in the following areas:

  • M&A and transaction services: bespoke assistance in quota/share transfers and/or company transfers
  • M&A and transaction services: bespoke assistance in company and/or quota/share acquisitions
  • Accounting and financial due diligence
  • Fiscal due diligence
  • Legal due diligence
  • Labor law due diligence
  • Assistance and advice with deal structuring, analyzing and identifying the most efficient and functional financial and corporate structures
  • Assistance and advice during the negotiation of the transaction and/or contractual phases